Sunday, September 03, 2006

New Character: The Chevalier


The Chevalier is a knight who strives to follow the code of chivalry in all things, not an easy task in the cutthroat world of a medieval city. Your city will shine as a paragon of virtue, an example to others who rule their lands as despots...

The Chevalier cannot be robbed by the Thief, who is avoiding him at all costs. Nor can the Warlord assault his city.

The Chevalier may remove the Warlord Character from play, if they can correctly guess which player holds the card.

The Chevalier must donate one gold coin to any player who is robbed by the Thief in that round, if they have one at the start of their turn.

Optional: 'To Catch A Thief' Rule
If the player holding the Thief is sitting immediately to the left of the player holding the Chevalier, the Thief is now 'caught', and must give their gold coins away one by one, starting with the player on their left, and continuing until all coins are distributed. The Thief may count themselves amongst the players to receive coins ...


At 3:56 AM, Blogger Mike Oliver said...

Hi Rob:

I am trying to contact a person (Terry Aris) who posted a reply to me on your brown eyed handsome man blog. His ID is "senton" and he and I played in The Jury with Albert Lee. Albert and I are trying to arrange a reunion of the band and Terry's presence will make it virtually complete. After my initial post, I lost track of the blog and have only just discovered it again after several years - only to find Terry's reply that I had missed.

If you know of any way of reaching him, I'd be very grateful.

Mike Oliver


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