Sunday, September 03, 2006

New Character: The Chevalier


The Chevalier is a knight who strives to follow the code of chivalry in all things, not an easy task in the cutthroat world of a medieval city. Your city will shine as a paragon of virtue, an example to others who rule their lands as despots...

The Chevalier cannot be robbed by the Thief, who is avoiding him at all costs. Nor can the Warlord assault his city.

The Chevalier may remove the Warlord Character from play, if they can correctly guess which player holds the card.

The Chevalier must donate one gold coin to any player who is robbed by the Thief in that round, if they have one at the start of their turn.

Optional: 'To Catch A Thief' Rule
If the player holding the Thief is sitting immediately to the left of the player holding the Chevalier, the Thief is now 'caught', and must give their gold coins away one by one, starting with the player on their left, and continuing until all coins are distributed. The Thief may count themselves amongst the players to receive coins ...

New Character: The Courtesan

Denied other means of gaining wealth and status within the male-dominated society of the medieval city, the Courtesan uses her wiles and intellect to rise to a position of power behind the throne of princes and kings...

Each turn, the Courtesan may ask to look at one District Card held in the hand of another player, or she may ask for one Gold Coin from another player.

If the chosen player holds the Bishop or the Chevalier Character, she recieves 2 gold coins. If the chosen player holds the King or Emperor Character, they must pay 3 gold coins!

If the chosen player holds the Merchant or the Liche King, they cannot be affected by the Courtesan's wiles, and pay no gold coins.

If the chosen player holds the Queen, she pays no gold coins. Instead, the player holding the Queen may take ALL of the Courtesan's gold coins!

The Courtesan replaces the Thief as Character No. 2


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Open the Gates of the Citadel...

A couple of years ago, my girlfriend and I were passing a small shop selling a huge array of boardgames. I used to be a fanatical role-playing gamer, and so we wandered inside. The game we bought that day was Citadels, a strategy game of city building and bluff. We were hooked from the first game, and soon, I started thinking about ways to expand it.

Just to start this blog off, I've selected a few of my ideas for extra District Cards. These ones have special characteristics. I have found some entertaining to play, and others were on occasion overpowering, such as the Pirate's Cove. If you visit the site, and have any comments on play balance, please let me know!

Future posts will include my selection of new Character Cards, other general District Cards, my new Land District Cards, and a new system I developed for Citizens of your growing citadel...

So, here are the rules for my new District Cards. Initially, none of these cards were connected to a particular character, except for the Exchequer and Merchant's Guild, but I have thought of some obvious links, which will help to reduce the power these District Cards can provide.

Sorceror's Tower (Purple 6)
This card costs 6 gold coins to build in your city. I didn't initially think of this, but I think you can use the card's special power only when you hold the Magician, Witch or Wizard characters.

If you are the Magician (or similar) character, you may 'cast a spell' over one opponent of your choice. You may either remove one Character from play that round, or make one Citizen Card disappear from another player's city.

I haven't yet thought of what this power will cost you.

Thieves' Guild (Purple 6)
This card is associated with the Thief Character, although they have no colour of their own. Its special power works only when you hold the Thief Character.

If you are the Thief, you may ask any other player to look at one of the cards held in their hand. If you wish, you may take that card and place it into your own hand! You will still have to spend gold coins to place it into your own city, however.

This is my favourite new card, and seemed to go down well with my friends, who all found it well-balanced.

Assassin's Guild (Purple 6)
This card is accociated with the Assassin Character, although they have no colour of their own. It's special power only works when you are the Assassin Character.

If you are the Assassin, you may remove an additional Character from play in your turn, upon payment of 3 gold coins. This card thus doubles the power of the assassin.

An alternative or additional power might be that you may remove a Citizen Card from an opponent's city by paying their worth in gold coins.

Pirate's Cove (Purple 6)
This card is associated with the Navigator Character, if he is in play.

You may build this card in another player's city! It's value will NOT be counted in your score at the end of the game, but it holds a special power for you. From then on, in each round, that player must pay you 1 gold coin in tribute until the end of the game. They may refuse to pay if they hold the Warlord Character in that round. If you hold the Navigator Character in any round, the tribute is doubled to 2 gold coins.

You may build the Pirate's Cove in your own city, to claim the 6 points for your own score, but from that point, you may not select the Merchant as your Character again, since they fear the pirates will steal their merchandise...

This card went through a lot of rule changes, and caused a few rows about interpretation...

Merchant's Guild (Green 5)
This card is associated with the Merchant.

In any round where you are the Merchant, you may recieve an additional gold coin in addition to the coins you collect in your Action, the extra coin for being a Merchant, and any coins for Green Districts in your city.

Exchequer (Yellow 5)
This card is associated with the King or Emperor.

In any round where you are the King or Emperor, you may recieve an additional gold coin in addition to the coins you collect in your Action and any extra coins for Yellow Districts in your city.